Monday, July 15, 2024

Be unstoppable

(Film photo by my hubby Ross at our recent excursion to the Minneapolis Institute of Art)

You must have an untamable, ferocious, unhinged belief in yourself. 

Do not let ANY pattern, belief, past trauma, bullyish family member, or thought from your own mind talk you out of what you KNOW you are here on the planet to do. 

Go deeper into your own Soul to find the RIGHT aligned energy for the tasks you know you need to complete & do them.

No excuses. 

How many times have you considered taking an action on your creative work & not done it? 

The thing is, the mind patterns that you let stop you, THATS the draining part; I'm sure you notice that when you're actually in action from your inner vision it is...


You just flow!!! You feel like you!!!

Join me for 3 days of live healing & coaching next week Tuesday-Thursday 

πŸŒ„Radiant CreatorπŸŒ„

Through these 3 days (and for weeks after) you will finally shed outer layers of acting from fear rather than through your God connection. 

You will open up tidal waves of creative energy flow through your body 

You will feel more like YOU 

You will feel younger 

You are a leader! 

ps... I'm also going to be giving away $10,000 in value towards my programs 🀫

Katie Awake 
Piece of God Healer 

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Would you like to be more Creative and Wealthy?

Would you like to live your Soul’s original 'Creative and Wealthy' template now?

Through these 3 days together in Radiant Creator you will receive healing and coaching to return energetically within to your Soul’s Original Blueprint for success. Clear up the inner issues in your energy, inner child, Soul, programming, past lifetime trauma and other blind spots to allow God to flow through you more. This means your outer reality can now line up with what your Soul truly knows within; that peace, harmony and abundance in your marriage, work flow and money is your natural God-given state Angel.

It is total joy for me to share these teachings with you; and to witness you increase your inner fulfillment, be able to appreciate the magic in you and your partner more clearly, and increase income and impact through your Soul work!

Outcomes you will receive:
πŸ’—Access the wealth of your Soul & your unique genius
πŸ’—Receive the specific healings YOU need through your body, chakras, aura etc. to allow your Soul’s medicine to take physical form in your aligned delivery methods whether that be courses, programs, videos, song, movies, book, paintings, integrating Soul into career…etc etc. I help you birth your magic into physical form.
πŸ’—Because you will access and share your Soul’s wisdom and wealth through your God connection, you will simultaneously experience increased prosperity flow as a mirror; God is infinite, therefore you are infinite and your outer life/business/marriage results are infinite!
πŸ’—You will learn inner healing practices you can use every day to feel peaceful, light and infinite - plus my own secrets of how to excel in business led by God

Day 1
Tuesday June 11th 10am CST
See your inner blocks to receiving and be led via your connection with God back into your Original 'Creative & Wealthy' Soul Blueprint

Day 2
Wednesday June 12th 4pm CST
Flourish internally in spiritual realms in your wisdom, power and wealth codes

Day 3
Thursday June 13th 10am CST
Receive guidance from me and from your own intuition about how to apply all of this to your life, relationships and business for increased fulfillment, Soul level creations & more money

If you attend all 3 days live, or watch each recording within 24 hours, you will have a chance to win a full day of 1:1 healing and coaching in Voxer with me!

***For one driven and aligned Soul I will be doing a very special giveaway of a FULL YEAR membership inside my weekly group program Brighter Beginnings - where Women align themselves, their lives, their relationships and Business paths with infinite peace. (regular price $1000)***

I am able to see energetically exactly where, why and how you are holding yourself outside the circle of your infinite wealth flow, spiritually; and then guide you gently yet powerfully INTO alignment with your Soul’s 'Creative and Wealthy' flow through your union with God.

Join here for free!


Friday, May 10, 2024

What is Healing?

I'm not interested in teaching people anything new. I'm interested in supporting people to awaken the gifts of their Soul.

In many of the clients I see (in person & virtual) the medicine, voice, gifts, strengths, spiritual wealth.... lay dormant like a hidden protected secret in their bodies.

It usually takes some nudging to get these dormant spiritual faculties awakened once again.

As their inherent magic unwinds... and it does so through the Soul, fascia, muscles, bones, organs; so too does physical aches, pains, even perceived chronic pain unwind! No secrets left to protect, see?

It is a profound love & joy for me to witness

Yes, healing is ALWAYS possible

True healing REQUIRES full trust in God/Source/Divinity

(I know there can be hesitation for good reason to use the word God, and that's OK, use any language you feel safe with. Just be SURE you are surrendering to the right energy source, that's the main reason I encourage my clients to be open to healing their relationship to the word God; so that they can be CERTAIN they are putting their life in the right, safe, home Source .. and not something else.. feel me?)

Consider viewing pain or disorder of any kind, as an unwinding back Home into God.

All frequencies, emotions, pain, lead back Home INSIDE to God

All rivers lead to the Ocean

And it is an Ocean of Divine Peace πŸ’™πŸ™

Abundance IS the energy of God too

You can be sure as you hand your life, your body, your money, your marriage ALL over to God... you are CHOOSING divine abundance, peace, harmony & love ALL AT ONCE πŸ™‚

This is the way home πŸŒ„

I do have space for new Mentorship clients, and 2 group memberships available at varied price points; message me if you're curious about working together.

Or visit 

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

your energy IS your abundance, how do you manage/protect your own energy?


Your energy itself is your abundance

Tune in with how you conserve, enjoy, abide in, give away, hold back, invest in ...relationship with other people.

Your energy IS the sacred of the sacred manifest in your human form.

The way you are with your own energy in how you relate with other people...with your spouse...with your parents... your siblings..your children...with food..with money... shows you the quality of your own devotion to the sacredness of yourself.

The more you devote yourself to the ONE inside, the more you come into oneness with God consciousness, the stronger your energy boundaries become, and all of your relationships become richer.

Your inner joy and peace becomes richer too :)

Stronger boundaries = richer connections

Typical energy shifts I help my clients with to help them with their inner oneness with God, strong boundaries and the fulfillment of their life's purpose:

*Healing their voice:

Getting in touch with the Voice of God consciousness THROUGH them. This usually involves childhood healing and past life healing. So they feel safe, comfortable and free to speak truth.

*Energy boundary healings:
A solid, secure SELF inside happens through oneness with God. This is the same thing as having solid energy boundaries. As you develop boundaries in the image of God, you heal. Energy boundary violations most often occur in childhood, and then people think they are just 'normal' as adults; but they are not.

(Meaning, You get to have a SOLID self inside, and you get to choose to conserve, enjoy, abide in, give away, share, your own will...and in a way that protects the wealth of God, THROUGH you. Not at the will of unhealthy human minds.)

*Retrieval of Soul parts from trauma/abuse and healing through God into oneness inside.

*Continuous birth of Soul purpose, joy, light, spiritual gifts, spirit integrated businesses and career paths

*Shifts into oneness with God inside that then evokes deeper harmony in their marriage or attracts that aligned partner into their life.

*Healthy boundaries and closer connections with spouse, parents and adult children

And lots more! :)

If you would like to come into deeper oneness with who you are through the joy of God, and experience this waterfall effect of love through all of your relationships, with your work and with wealth management...message me on facebook here or send me an email to start a conversation :)

I currently have spaces open for 1:1 Mentorship or my weekly group Abundance program.

2024 can be your year where you come into LIGHT inside yourself :)

Happy Wednesday!

Spiritual Healer through the Peace of God

Friday, January 19, 2024

Embody the masculine & feminine aspects of God πŸ’œ

Ladies, even though the suppresion of women & the feminine divine still occurs through the church, society, politics, finance realms .. 

And believe me I KNOW intimately the fire of these wounds ... and the destruction they cause if left unhealed ... the half expressed life 

WE don't have to exist within those unequal systems 

We birth a new Healed Union from within ourselves, from our wombs ❤️ 

Women, you need to integrate, accept & embody your divine masculine energy through God; JUST AS MUCH as you need your divine feminine energy through Goddess. 

Heal your relationship to the masculine aspect of God

It's an inner decision you can make - the healing result is magnificent!!! It is freedom!!! Power restored πŸ™‚ 

Genuinely forgive past hurts done by men, by the church, by the patriarchy 

So that you can now be an embodiment of feminine & masculine Union 

So that YOUR psyche can return to Peace πŸŒ…πŸŒ…πŸŒ…πŸ˜ 


Our outer reality is but a reflection of our inner reality 

I see so many clients carrying wounds of being abused by religion, unprocessed generational secret traumas, with supressed rage from a suppressed girl power inside 

Stop waiting for the world to get better before you get better 

Ignite your Healed Soul through the TRUE, kind, powerful Masculine/Feminine God Force from WITHIN you now πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ 

It feels like Peace πŸ’œ 

Only this INNER embodied union heals your Soul 

Experience Union in your marriage, with your Soul Purpose work & Abundance 


Message me to chat about Mentorship or my group healing program. We can be on your first call as soon as next week. 

Message me, Katie Awake, on facebook or email me

Film photography by my hubby @ross_william_perry

πŸ’œ Katie 
Spiritual Healer through the Peace of God

Thursday, January 18, 2024

let go of control of yourself πŸ’œ

Let go of control of your inner self

So your dreams can flow, take on colors, and make their way... through the infinite... into physical manifestation

People I see have had to contort up, twist in, hide, make their inner self small & quiet ..

To survive


Unfurl now

You are safe now little one

Let your voice be heard

Stop fighting

Because it's safe to be you now

Golden gates open through your heart

The doors are not outside of you with the key in some outer authorities hand. That's what they want you to believe, so that you stay hidden.

The key to your freedom, and to your desires taking physical form, is to FREE the creator within.


Read more here 


Spiritual Healer, Soul Purpose Midwife & Sacred Marriage Guide πŸ™

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

2024 Mentorship now enrolling at lighting speed

 I see that a lot of the tension, pain & tightness that a lot of people feel in their physical bodies is from power, purpose, voice & love being held back inside.

Lifetimes & generations worth of love not spoken.

Of truths going unseen.

Of Soul purpose moves going unexpressed.

I see it all the time in my clients ... and am experiencing my own body tension resolving through getting my Soul voice/purpose/moves expressed!

Wisdom, the Gold, the secret gems of lineages ... caught up in throats ... causing locked jaws... frozen shoulders ... confusion of why they feel sad ...

And together we find the gems of their Soul Mission, Purpose, voice, magic, spiritual gifts !!

We uncover the shrouded shame from generations of hidden abuse stories

RIGHT ALONG SIDE hidden spiritual magic & keys

Keys to the kingdom
Keys to life
Keys to the mystery

It's all in your Soul already

Your body is a temple of the divine

As you allow yourself to trust, know & believe in your goodness... the pains .... that are part of the hidden doorways to freedom ... ALSO unwind

But the healing journey does not have to be the focus anymore

Get on with thriving now sister

Would you love a free 45 min healing & coaching session with me on zoom?

We let Spirit work through us!!

For your healing, your FREEDOM, your unearthing, your success πŸ™‚

I LLLOOOVVVEEE helping women get free in their MAGIC πŸ’š

It's my specialty 🌹

Book in your free chat with me here. I'd love to hear about your healing journey, goals and visions. Then we can make a map together of how to bring MORE of who you are and what you desire to create into creation in 2024. I'm happy to share about my current mentorship or group program available if you are interested too.

Be unstoppable

(Film photo by my hubby Ross at our recent excursion to the Minneapolis Institute of Art) You must have an untamable, ferocious,...